Jill Woodward

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Hungry March Band Music Video for The Surf

I edited this epic 21-camera music video from my home office. The video and sound was recorded by the individual performers, and mixed by saxophonist Jason Candler. The source material[…]

Restoring Monarch Habitat PBS Segment

I was editor/producer on this segment for the PBS series “This American Land“, Season 7, episode 701. I also worked on segments about bats and gulf coast fishing. The show[…]

Netflix Documentary Get Me Roger Stone

I’m thrilled to announce that the documentary I worked on for the better part of 2016, Get Me Roger Stone, will premiere at Tribeca Film Festival. I was assistant/junior editor[…]

Short Documentary Journey Without a Map

UPDATE: The NYWIFT Online Shorts Festival, where it is currently streaming, awarded the film an honorable mention. It is also available on NYWIFT’s Roku channel. Previously: Trailer for short documentary[…]

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